There are many Forgotten Artifacts hidden in the dungeons around the universe. The dungeons are dangerous and you'll need your weapons and skills as you venture into their depths!

Deep within the dungeons are chests to discover. Some contain loot of unimaginable value while others contain items that could be useful on your adventure.

Hack and slash your way through the dungeons on your quest for loot. Each chest you stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe!

Forgotten Artifacts is currently in pre-alpha development. All purchases on the store invest in the future of Forgotten Artifacts. The game is already playable and has blockchain item drops.


There are rumors that some of the most sought after artifacts are hidden in the depths of various dungeons.

As an avid adventurer you've decided to locate some of these Artifacts.

As artifacts are discovered they will appear in the museum where all adventures can learn about them. Upon discovering an artifact, the total supply and lore will be revealed. There are artifacts which are so rare, that there is only one to discover!

Artifacts sometimes have buffs that will give your character bonuses in battle, appearance and other unknown benefits. Much is unknown about the powers that Artifacts have but the most prized of Artifacts are those known as Transcendent.

Artifacts have stories attached to them, describing how they came to be or their current condition.

Artifacts can be found in the following rarities: Rare Epic Legendary Mythical Transcendent



Skins allow you to customize your character. Skins do not give any gameplay advantage.

All characters can wield any weapons and items. The only limit is your imagination.


Equip various wearables onto your character in order to enhance their appearance or skills.


Pets will be available and will follow you around on your adventures through the dungeons!


Enchanting items requires skill. Once unlocked you can improve the enchanting skill over time to ensure your enchants have a higher success rate. You can generate an income by using this skill and trading artifacts and materials to create enchanted items for sale.

Enchanting can only be performed at an altar. Altars are found within dungeons and enchanting is performed only during a dungeon run. Enchanting may attract additional monsters to your whereabouts.


Forgotten Artifacts relies on the Enjin Wallet to manage next-gen blockchain assets. You will need the Enjin Wallet to link to Forgotten Artifacts and receive rewards!

Forgotten Artifacts uses the Enjin SDK to implement and manage next-gen blockchain assets that you can trade on decentralized markets, hold securely in your blockchain wallet and use within the game. The power of the blockchain and the backing of Enjin Coin allow you to have confidence that your investment in the game will be valuable, even if the game world can't continue.

The Enjin SDK reduces the amount of work and complexity that's involved with creating a blockchain game and Forgotten Artifacts benefits greatly by being able to concentrate on other crucial gameplay systems.

Enjin has allowed Forgotten Artifacts to have truly valuable in game assets to discover and trade, much like real world unique artifacts.

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Multiverse Item Support

Forgotten Artifacts already supports many Multiverse items and will add more as time goes on.

The items that are already supported are as follows:

Some additional items that will be supported in the future are Archspire, Soulshift Armor, Stormwall and Shadowsong


Cliff Cawley


Cliff has over 20 years of industry programming experience, 12 of those were in the video games industry. Over the years he's created apps and games for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android and iOS. He's a full stack engineer but also loves to dabble in art and design.

Cliff is currently a one man army creating Forgotten Artifacts after deciding to venture on his own and into the blockchain space.