There are many Forgotten Artifacts hidden around the universe. The adventures you embark on are dangerous and you'll need your weapons and skills as you venture on your quest!

There is loot of unimaginable value to find and each adventure is unique with well over 4 billion variations!

Hack and slash your way through undiscovered lands on your quest for loot. Each chest you stumble across is a chance at discovering some of the rarest artifacts in the universe!

The items in Forgotten Artifacts are a mixture of Fungible and Non-Fungible tokens (digital goods and collectibles). Each item has a limited supply making them provably rare and unique and give you the confidence that the ERC-1155 crypto-collectible you hold is truly a limited item without a possibility to create more.

Items generally have effects and utility associated with them and you can discover more about the items available with the game on the items page

Forgotten Artifacts is currently in pre-alpha development. All purchases in the shop invest in the future of Forgotten Artifacts. The game is already playable and has Enjin blockchain item drops.


The most sought after artifacts are hidden around the universe and as an avid adventurer you have the chance to locate some of these Artifacts.

Information about the artifacts is available on the items page. There are artifacts which are so rare, that there is only one to discover!

Artifacts sometimes have buffs that will give your character bonuses in battle, appearance and other unknown benefits. Much is unknown about the powers that Artifacts have but the most prized of Artifacts are those known as Transcendent.

Artifacts have stories attached to them, describing how they came to be or their current condition.

Artifacts can be found in the following rarities: Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Mythical Transcendent



Towns offer you a place to explore, gather information on available Quests and start your adventures into Dungeons, Encounters and Events.


Dungeons contain a variety of items hidden within chests, crates, barrels and other interactive objects. Crawling with monsters each dungeon is randomly generated giving a possible 4 billion variations!


Occasionally special encounters will be available within the world, allowing you to experience unique and challenging game play offering limited edition artifacts and items as rewards


Around the towns and dungeons are ongoing events. Some last for a few days while others last for months. Information on active events can be found on the Events page



Outfits allow you to customize your character. Outfits do not give any gameplay advantage.

All characters can wield any weapons and items. The only limit is your imagination.


Equip various wearables onto your character in order to enhance their appearance and make your stand out.


Pets will follow you around on your adventures!


Vanquish monsters, pillage loot and discover secrets as you complete Quests to unlock special artifacts and items!

In addition to Events you will be able to secure various Artifacts that are only available by completing Quests.

Discover your destiny and uncover secrets lost in the sands of time as you venture on adventures all over the universe.


Forgotten Artifacts relies on the Enjin Wallet to manage next-gen blockchain assets. You will need the Enjin Wallet to link to Forgotten Artifacts and receive rewards!

Forgotten Artifacts uses the Enjin SDK to implement and manage next-gen ERC-1155 blockchain assets that you can trade on decentralized markets, hold securely in your blockchain wallet and use within the game. The power of the blockchain and the backing of Enjin Coin allow you to have confidence that your investment in the game will be valuable, even if the game world can't continue.

The Enjin SDK reduces the amount of work and complexity that's involved with creating a blockchain game and Forgotten Artifacts benefits greatly by being able to concentrate on other crucial gameplay systems.

Enjin has allowed Forgotten Artifacts to have truly valuable in game assets to discover and trade, much like real world unique artifacts.

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Multiverse Item Support

Multiverse items are items that are supported across a variety of games. Each item is represented in it's own unique way in that particular game.

Forgotten Artifacts supports many Multiverse items (include official Enjin items) and will add more as time goes on.

Use your other Enjin items within Forgotten Artifacts!

The items that are already supported are as follows:

The Multiverse




Dragon Riders of Kriptomat

Blockchain Legacy

Multiverse Brotherhood

Altcoin Buzz Collectibles


Cliff Cawley

Founder, Programmer, Designer and Artist

Cliff has over 20 years of industry programming experience, 12 of those were in the video games industry. Over the years he's created apps and games for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android and iOS. He's a full stack engineer but also loves to dabble in art and design.

Cliff is currently a one man army creating Forgotten Artifacts after deciding to venture on his own and into the blockchain space.