Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Special thanks to Billy Saurus for writing this FAQ!

What is Forgotten Artifacts?

Forgotten Artifacts (FA) is an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game)/Dungeon Crawler with Enjin block chain loot available.

How do I play?

Head to /download and download the installer (available for Windows and Mac).

How do I link my wallet to receive blockchain items?

Download the Enjin wallet and create a new wallet. You will need to link this wallet to your FA account via the FA Account page in order to receive blockchain items.

Can I try the game out for free or do I have to pay?

You can totally try the game out before paying!

Download the installer and launch the game and enter Explore mode.

In order to keep any blockchain items you find, you'll either need to play Adventure mode or Expert Mode, which requires Adventure Stones to play.

Adventure Stones can be found in all modes (yes, Explore mode too) on levels 5 and greater. They will take some time to find but you will be able to try out the game without them, the only thing missing is the ability to take out the valuable items with you and use them in future adventures.

Adventure Stones are account bound non-blockchain items, so if you find these in Explore mode, you can play the other modes in order to keep your found loot.

If you like and enjoy the game then you can purchase Adventure Stones and other items from the Shop. You will help ensure the ongoing of success of the game!

What are Adventure stones, and how do I get more?

Outside of finding Adventure Stones within the dungeons, you can purchase Adventure Stone packs from the Shop.

Okay, I'm in. How do I play?

Movement and keys

Move around with the mouse, left click for primary attack, and right click for secondary attack.

Secondary attacks use energy (the blue bar on the bottom right) and replenishes over time.

Your health is the green bar on the bottom left.

Hold shift to stationary attack, or CTRL to stop in your tracks.

Tab will show you a full screen view of the map, while the keyboard arrow buttons and mouse wheel will manipulate the camera.


Traverse the dungeon and find the room with the exits. Make sure to open any chests you come across, as they may contain lootable blockchain items!

The blue/white stairs up will take you out of the dungeon and once exited, you'll keep all the blockchain items you found (providing you are playing Adventure or Expert mode).

The red stairs down will descend you to the next level of the dungeon, offering better loot and additional chances at more loot now that you've made it down that far.

I looted some items but they're not showing up in my wallet. Help!

Don't worry, all looted items will be transferred to your linked wallet. Transfers are dependent on Ethereum network gas prices. When they're high, the game will wait to send items until the fee is lower (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours).

In the mean time, all of your items are available on the Account page. When they appear on the Account page they're usable in game and will eventually be sent to your wallet.

If I take an item into the dungeon and die, do I lose it?

No. All owned items in your wallet are safe and would require you to sign a transaction contract in order for it to be moved.

You won't lose your blockchain wallet item if you die or toss it into the lava if you've previously successfully exited with it once.

Can I have a free item to try out the Wallet?

Sure! Scan the QR code here with your Enjin Wallet. Once you've received the item, play the game to see and use your item!

So who made this game?

The sole developer is Cliff Cawley who has over 20 years of industry programming experience, 12 of those were in the video games industry. Over the years he's created apps and games for Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android and iOS. He's a full stack engineer but also loves to dabble in art and design.

Cliff is currently a one man army creating Forgotten Artifacts after deciding to venture on his own and into the blockchain space.

I love it! How can I support this project?

As Cliff spends most of his day developing, hosting, and building this game, the best way to support this project is to buy items through the shop.

Adventure stones, chests, pets, characters, and other items can be purchased in order to assist Cliff with future development.

Spreading word of this game and introducing it to other gamers will help the community grow too!

Wait! I have more questions!

Head on over to the Telegram group or the Discord Server.

We're very friendly and most questions can be answered by players on there!